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Delivery Information & Policies

We want you to be happy with everything you buy from and trust your new items will bring years of pleasure. Here is all the information you will need to help ensure your delivery goes silky smooth. Soon you will be well on your way to enjoying great new furniture that friends, family and YOU will love.

When it comes to delivery, you can expect "white glove" service. Regrettably we are not able to provide delivery coverage for all locations in Canada, and distance restrictions may apply. We recommend you check if your postal code is supported using the tool above.

Delivery FAQs

When will I be contacted regarding the delivery of my "Order Now" purchase?

We will contact you by email once the order has been shipped to us directly from the factory. You can then use our delivery booking system to set up the date and address for the delivery. A phone number is required for deliveries.

When will I be contacted regarding the delivery of my "Buy Now" purchase?

You can instantly use our delivery booking system to set up the date and address for the delivery. A phone number is required for deliveries.

How soon can I expect my purchase to be delivered?

"Order Now" purchases take 6-8 weeks to be delivered to your home. "Buy Now" deliveries will take 1 - 5 days to be delivered to your home.

What if I am not home during the scheduled delivery window?

We will be happy to wait for someone to arrive for a maximum of 15 minutes. In the event you are unable to arrive, you will be contacted to re-schedule a delivery. You get one second chance for free. If a use up your second chance and still require delivery there may be a service charge added to your total.

What if the delivery team is running late?

We do our best to ensure your delivery arrives within the scheduled 1 hour window. In the event of our delivery team running late they will contact you by phone and give you an estimated time of their arrival.

What can I expect during the delivery?

The delivery team will:

  • Take every precaution to ensure your floors are protected and remain clean
  • Place your furniture where you want it
  • Assemble it as required (assembly fee for some items)
  • Remove/Dispose of any packaging
  • Install customer provided felt pads (recommended for hardwood and some laminate floors)

*For workplace safety reasons, our delivery team is not permitted to hoist furniture over balconies. The delivery team will carry a furniture item up a maximum of four flights of stairs, (four floors) unless unsafe or unable to do so.

How can I help ensure a successful delivery?

Prior to ordering please measure to ensure all pieces fit in your home, including stairwells, staircases, doorways and elevators. Large sofas sometimes require they be put on end to navigate through these areas. This should be taken into account by measuring the sofa on a diagonal when you are deciding on the size of your sofa.

Can the delivery team move or dispose of my old furniture?

For health, safety and liability reasons our delivery team is not permitted to move and /or dispose of your old furniture.

What if my purchase does not fit?

Contact us about re-stocking fees, and options to replace stock item(s). A delivery charge will apply for any exchanges.

*Avoid disappointment! Please measure prior to ordering your furniture.

What if I want to return any pieces post-delivery?

Once delivered you will have the option of keeping or returning the item before the delivery team departs. If you accept the goods, we will take your signature and this will be considered final sale.

What if there is a problem with the goods upon delivery?

Please be sure to thoroughly inspect your new items before signing the delivery slip. If you are not satisfied with any of the items delivered, it is very important that you indicate on the delivery slip the issue involved, and we will contact you as soon as possible to rectify the problem. will not be held responsible for any damage which has not been noted on the delivery slip at the time of delivery.

*Your signature on the delivery slip verifies that everything has arrived in good order.

What if I notice a problem with my new furniture after the delivery is completed?

If you notice any problems with your furniture after it has been delivered, please contact us immediately. We may request photos of the damage to best assess the situation.


Please note: The team will inspect your furniture in our warehouse prior to delivery. This means that your furniture may not arrive in its original packaging, or may arrive unwrapped. This should in no way impact the condition of your new furniture.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.