FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is "True" Factory Direct?

We cut out all the pork. Gone are all the middle men and overhead. Our technology allows customers to directly interact with factories. We literally order directly from the factory and deliver it to you home. You can get the item that you want in your home without ever leaving and pay less than a retail store would charge.

What is the difference between "Buy Now" and "Order Now"?

"Buy Now" means we received and extra product or two from the factory and its available for sale right now. We store this item in our warehouse so we have to charge a bit more for the item. "Order Now" means you are in on the next delivery that we recieve from the factory. The factory will make your order on demand. This lets you get the item for the lowest price possible.

Why can't I pick up my order myself from your warehouse?

The overall cost for you is cheaper if we deliver your order to your home. Since everyone gets their orders delivered we can lower our delivery costs and get your order to your home cheaper than you could yourself. By organizing the deliveries we save a total of 5,210 metric tons of C02 emissions and save vehicles from traveling over 345,400 excess kms every year. Also many of our items are large and difficult to pick up yourself.

Do you have delivery and/or return questions?

read our delivery information at http://glit.ca/delivery.php.

Will you ever have a sale?

We will never have a sale. Our prices are as low as possible.

I purchased an "Order Now" but I want to return it?

You can easily get a full refund within 1 day if you have not set up a delivery time. Once an item has been delivered you can try it out and decide if you want to keep it or return it. You will get a full refund if you decide to return the item at that time.

How do I know I love a product if I can't touch it?

We personally select high quality items that you will love. Trust us. There is also an opportunity for a full refund once the item is delivered and you are able to touch it.

Please note: The http://glit.ca team will inspect your furniture in our warehouse prior to delivery. This means that your furniture may not arrive in its original packaging, or may arrive unwrapped. This should in no way impact the condition of your new furniture.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.